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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

>>...after the results show...

[continuation: american idol withrawals]

a while ago, i just mentioned the emotions i am experiencing because of my american idol withrawals... then came along the raging reactions i felt when david cook was announced as the winner; david archuleta was the runner-up. badtrip! i really felt sad, disappointed, frustrated and all. so i went online after the results show to find people that i could "lean on" and comfort at the same time because we feel the same intensity of emotions [actually, more people are more hurt because of archie's lost... =P]

fortunately, the guitar hero commercial came along. hahaha! it made me giggle and it eased the 'gloominess' a little, though it still hurt. hahaha! then after 3 days, i finally got over it... :] one factor may be is that i was already witnessing good things come to archie. hahaha!

now, i'll share with you the commercial that made me smile... =D

NOTE: david cook's commercial comes first... :p as the saying goes, save the best for the last... :P just kidding... ;)