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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

american idol withrawals

American Idol Season 7 has just finished [actually it was 2weeks ago]. gosh. i miss it sooooo much that i even said jokingly that a replay will air later at 8pm. :p i have no TV show to closely watch. i miss the hype. i miss the adrenaline. i miss the excitement. i miss the anxiety. shucks. and i'm kinda bummed... but everything has to end, right? hahaha! :p but i think that's fine coz school's almost here... :[ hahaha!

i miss watching performances of the 'Idols'... American Idol withrawals really suck if you do not leave in the US. >:( you can't go to the tour. you can't watch interviews unless you surf the net and view them via youtube. shucks. and in our case, we have a very obsolete computer and very slow connection. hate it.

haha! i'm through venting. =P