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Friday, 6 June 2008

First Day of Classes --- thoughts.

As all Marians know, going back to school is only a stone's throw. Yeah, excitement and eagerness are all there but of course, anxiety is also a part of this. What is ahead of my life as a take a step closer to 'success'? What will I do to make the next school year a fruitful one? How will I respond to unusual situations that I am going to face? Am I going to surpass all the obstacles that face me? Such questions and a lot more are usually being asked due to uncertainties that we feel that may come our way when we already achieve our goals.

Awww shocks! I am going to far. Hahaha! xD But those thoughts that I shared a while ago are what I really feel for the incoming school year. I do not like making promises anymore. I admit that I can't keep up to them. As times go by, I realize that I feel suffocated if things are expected of me. In addition, I don't really like to be tied with certain rules which I think are unnecessary. So, I decided to do obligations on my own way. As Kuya Michael Delima said, "Just do your thing." (Ha! I learned that a while ago from our SAGE Leadership Training. xD)

So why did I post about the incoming school year? I just like to announce that classes will resume on June 11 for the Highschool students and not June 10 as what was announced earlier. :p Classes will resume on June 10 for the Elementary students. :] I would confirm this first, but as far as I know, this is the schedule.

Hahaha! I'm sorry coz reading this post is like a 'long and winding road'... xD :))