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Friday, 23 January 2009


by: Northern Lights

Anger: An emotion I totally hate to feel

Guilt: A feeling I never wished to have

Desolation: A condition I never pictured myself being in

All these? These, I got from you.

You, whom I considered dearest to my heart

You, whom I considered closest to my soul.

In every move I make, there’s nothing I thought of rather than making you

When I see sorrow in your eyes, despair in your ways, I look forward in comforting you.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t give just to put that most endearing smile on your lips.

But I realized,

“Hey! I’m only human. I ain’t capable of giving everything.”

I’m only human.

I live. I love. I give up.

Maybe it’s now time for me to let you go…

…I’ll do even though it hurts.