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Friday, 23 January 2009

A Path to Light

A Path to Light

(for you, my inspiration)

by: Kiss from a Rose

In the dark, I feel so deserted.

So afraid, terrified…

Can’t help but shout

Ask for help

Nothingness defies life.

I screamed… shouted…

At the top of my voice, ‘til my lungs gave out

Still no one came to rescue me.

The air of purgatory lingers in my spirit

Centuries came to past

Still no one came

I was so old and frail

I can feel the fires of hell slowly gorging me.

Until a person came into my worthless life

White as snow

Gentle like a river

Soothing like the sound of serenity

With him, I recovered to this feeling

I crossed this path of loneliness

I pursue the way to happiness

Then, I didn’t realize I’m in heaven.

I started appreciating life

Discovering its beauty

Removing things which conceal its identity

Eventually, renewing my whole life.

For this, eternal thanks is what I could offer to this man,

He introduced me to paradise…

…Brought meaning to my life.

…Disturbed my miserable soul…

I can now lay to rest. +