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Saturday, 7 February 2009

IV-Clare's Celebration of Teacher's Day

Yesterday, IHMC celebrated Teachers' Day, a perfect time to express our thanks to our mentors.

My classmates and I prepared a program for our beloved adviser, Ms. Noemi. :D I could say Ms. Noemi was really touched because of that. Hahaha! Hopefully my assumption is right.

This is what we did: Just think debut. Hahaha! :)) I proudly say that the idea came from Kris. :D

I also asked Alyssa to make a video for Ms. Noemi and here it is:

Going back, I really felt a different atmosphere this teachers' day compared to the celebrations before. I can feel the warmth radiated by my classmates and our adviser. It was really different. Perhaps it is because that it is already our last year in Imma and we want to make this one the best.

I am really proud of my classmates too because this one is really a collaboration of Clare 0809. I was touched because of them. And because of Ms. Noemi, too. :)

All went well... then the celebration of the Holy Mass came.

The mass was normal. During the sign of peace, there were students who shouted. I don't know but I thought they were my classmates. I kept erasing that thought during that time. I didn't see the students who shouted since I was seated in front. The SAGE presented, then, our vice-principal asked the seniors to stay. Based on her facial expressions, I could detect that she was really angry. In my opinion, she said things that are really hurtful such as "Wala kayong utak! Puro kalokohan ang laman ng utak ninyo." As if we did a grave thing. As if we did everything wrong and nothing right. But what hurts me the most is when I knew that my suspicion was right. I was worried about Miss. Our goal was to make her happy on that special day then everything went wrong.

When we arrived at our classroom, we don't know how to face our most beloved adviser. She stayed along the corridor for a while then she entered our room to sign our diaries. Then tears suddenly flowed. We prayed 'Angel of God'. Then we were asked to go home, but no one dared. We don't like to leave our room with that kind of atmosphere. Then it was all tears. Tears. Tears.

This day ended with Maj's initiative. We held our hands and we prayed. Our ever optimistic adviser asked us to cheer up too.


Yesterday was indeed a day. A lot of things transpired. But what struck me most was this awful thing that happened to us turned into something good --- we felt more united as ever. I did not expect that this magical thing called unity will arise in this adversity.

But for now, I only hope for the best. I believe that we can rise on this occasion.

Clare=LOVE <3