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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How to Password Protect your Blogger Posts

This summer vacation, aside from the money making online that arouses my interest, I have been tweaking my blog day and night. Then I thought of enabling password protection in some of blog posts. Of course I want some posts to be read only by my close friends. It also adds personal touch... I think. Haha!

But dang! I found out that Blogger does not have this feature; Wordpress has it. For a minute I have thought of switching to Wordpress but no! I have liked my blog as it is already. Simple, clean and pink. Haha! This is already like my cyberspace home. So I really looked for ways to have this feature outside Blogger Help since they don't offer this feature (Bleh!). Thankfully, there's a genius who created this site. He made the impossible come to our very eyes.

It is actually very easy to use. Just follow the instructions.

Later, I'll be creating a sample post with this feature.

Kudos to the creator of this site! :D