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Monday, 27 April 2009

How to Make Money Online

Money-making via internet interests me right now. I have found a lot of sites... And actually tried them. Most of them require you to answer surveys. While others require you to upload files and each time anyone downloads your files, you'll receive cash incentives.

These are the sites that I have tried out so far. I am going to arrange these from the ones I liked most to the ones that I don't like as of now:

~*MyLot.com - Earning money here is fun and really enjoyable. You just need to participate in forums and voila! In every post that you make, you'll be credited with cash. It's not a hassle at all.

Besides earning money you'll be reaping some benefits of joining this online community.First, joining forums like this make your English skills improve. Second, you'll gain a lot of online buddies. Also, you'd be able to share your opinions, knowledge and expertise to the whole world. You'll also meet a lot of people who have interests similar to yours.

~*AWSurveys.com - In this site, you'll just answer surveys and you're good! Generally, you will be asked to give your own impressions of the site that they'll be asking of you. You'll earn $6 automatically by answering your "Welcome Survey". However, they are not offering a lot of surveys. I guess you'll have to wait every month. Their cash-out threshold is quite high compared to others. You need to earn $75 first before redeeming your money. Along the way, you'll be redirected to other sites that also let you earn money.

~*GPTreasure.com - You'll be asked to click on offers to answer. The offers are based on what country you belong in. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of offers made in the Philippines.

~*MindFieldOnline.com and SurveySavvy.com - In these sites, you really need to be patient. You must answer several questionnaires about yourself to ensure that the surveys that would require you to answer will match to you lifestyle. However, these questionnaires do not cost you to earn money instead they would be essential for your future money making.

Before regestering to the sites, it is a must that you have a Paypal account. Setting up an account is very easy. Go to Paypal's website and sign-up. It is very easy. You may opt to set up your bank accounts later. Though you don't reside in the US, you are still entitled to this privilege. You may redeem your earnings through your local bank account.