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Sunday, 28 June 2009

About Me.

This is actually for my Comm 3 Extemporaneous something. Haha! We were told to create a 3-minute extemporaneous speech and I’ll post a draft here. :) I have a lot of versions on my mind and I can’t think which one I’ll choose! I hope you can bear my poor description about myself… Mind you, I prefer to describe others than to describe myself. :P

Oops! Posting here reminded me that I haven’t written anything UP after the first day of classes! xP

Hola! My name is Monica R. Almeida. I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management. I graduated from Immaculate Heart of Mary College – Paranaque. I felt the urge to tell the school where I graduated from because it has been a very significant part of my life. It was a period of self-discovery more than anything else. To help me know myself a tad more, I usually delve on psychological tests. The interesting ones that I found are determining a person’s personality through the food that he prefers to eat. Handwriting also reveals a lot about the person to be analyzed. And the one that I found the most interesting is Color Psychology. When I knew that this kind of personality test exists, I googled what psychologists say about people who are ‘obsessed’ with pink. Yes, I am a self-confessed pink-aholic. As far as I remember it was said that people who like this color are usually carefree and blissful. But what struck me most is when psychologists say that ‘pink lovers like to be taken cared of (no matter how independent they are)’.

Back in high school, I was often selected as a leader of a group. For me, this added to my image of being independent. This was actually a boon and bane for me. A boon because it helped me discover my utmost potential and it gave me an opportunity to lead others to the right path without anyone being cynical on the reasons behind I was doing such a thing. But it became a bane because it acted as a restraint upon me that I am expected to not be vulnerable on how I feel deep inside. During that time, I was longing – and up to now, still longing for someone who would take me as I am without any latent function. It does not apply to someone romantically right away. I am just searching for a friend who will bring out the best in me and accept me no matter how vivacious or boring I become. As a result of this longing, I often offered my shoulder to cry on and lent my hand to be a help to others. And when someone comes to me and ask for advice, I usually tell them what I firmly believe: Don’t fret. Remember that everything happens for a reason. If something goes out of the way, brighter things would come at the right moment. Just be ready for something grandiose.

This is all. Haha! I am hesitant on using this one because I think this is too personal… and serious. Oh well. I’m still brainstorming on other ways to describe myself.

(Written last June 25 ‘09)