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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

First Sem, First Year.

If there is one thing that I regret as I look back on my first sem-stay in UP, it’s that I didn’t blog about them as soon as I experienced those ‘firsts’. I just can’t pull my thoughts together! Argghh! It’s as if my brain is swallowed by zombies as I played “Plants vs. Zombies”. (I can’t also give the “I’m busy excuse” because I ain’t. Haha! Well, I think I became lazy and stuff… as if I was never before. Ha.) Oh well, I’m just going to ‘compile’ all that happened last sem. :)


One word=FUN! …and other terms synonymous to that. I really had a blast on my first semester in UP. I’ve read somewhere in the forums, “May first sem bang masaya?” Well, I might have to debunk that because as for me, I really had a great time. Sure, there were school works to accomplish but I think they were still ‘bearable’ enough. (My gauge for bearable school works: I can still cram them a night before. Heh.) But more than that, there are still more reasons that made my first sem stay enjoyable. :D

  • Schedule – I lalalalove my first sem schedule! Why? On Mondays, I only have PE and PE isn’t strenuous as it was Duckpin Bowling. But I got low scores every time we played, sooo… goodluck. :| Although it was a ‘fairly petiks PE’, I still don’t like going there. Maybe because it’s the only subject I’ll take for the day. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and because of that PE, I would have something to play whenever I would be bored. :P Then, from Tuesday-Friday, my first class would start at 10:00 am and my last class would end at 4:00 pm (every Tuesday and Thursday) or 2:30 pm (every Wednesday and Friday). Actually, during my ‘pre-freshie days’, I didn’t like the schedule that much because of the WF schedule – I was intimidated by it because there would be no breaks from 10am-2:30pm then I had to walk from a building to another which was quite a distance. I didn’t know that it was really do-able.
  • Profs – My blockmates and I had considerate and really good professors. I really learned a lot from them. Hmmm… Discussing my professors’ teaching styles would bring me too far from my topic so I’ll just discuss them in another blog post. :D
  • Free Time – We only had three subjects per day so I really had a lot of free time on my hands. This was a real shocker for me because I thought that I’m going to have oh-so-sleepless nights but it ended up the other way around. There were times that I pity my mom and my sister because from my mom’s text messages, they sometimes had sleepless nights but I did not experience those that often. I savored every moment of this as much as I could because I know that I would not experience much of this in the future.
  • Trinoma and SM North (hahaa!!) – Almost every Friday of October and September, I went to those malls to unwind and buy gifts for my siblings and my mom. Sometimes, my blockmates would just invite me to go there with them just to eat and hang-out. Going to these malls gave me a sense of freedom… really. Heh!

But there is one more reason that made my first sem ever funfunfun…


They are the ones who made my first sem sooo memorable and worth-cherishing.

These guys never fail to make me smile and laugh. I wish there was more time. Four months really went by really, really fast. I wish there was more time. Although I’m certain that we would still see one another around the campus, it would still be different going to different buildings, eating snacks and lunch, walking home with them and having chit-chat with them before classes. The last thing I know, I’m already longing for them.

At first they were my blockmates but as days went by, they became my friends. Eventually, they became a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to me whether I would just like to goof around or be serious until they became people who supported me especially when I’m about to give up – especially in Math (special mention: Rhea and Carlo:D). Hahaha! :))

Having ICE CHRIM (Intelligent, Cool, Excellent Class of HRIM) was such a blessing to me because I didn’t expect to gain such close friends in college. If there’s one thing that I’d confess about is that there are times that I found myself enjoying with the company of my blockmates more than that of my high school classmates (Peace! No offense intended.). Before, I remembered myself being lost in the middle of my classmates conversing with each other but with my blockmates, every time they noticed that I’d be lost on their conversation, they never hesitated to bring me back in. With my college friends, I never felt that they were too pre-occupied to have time to listen to me… Something that I had a little of when I was in high school.

There were still a lot of things that I can’t cover here because I don’t want to go farther from the topic. Haha! (I’ll write a closely related post though. I just hope I won’t be so lazy to write it. Haha! It’s on my mind now. I’m just collecting my thoughts about it. Haha!) But the bottom line is I am so blessed having my blockmates… and I hope our friendship would last for a life time. :)

[This post seems melodramatic. Hell, who cares. :))]