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Monday, 9 June 2008

It's Classes! Once Again... -_-

I'll be a full-pledged Senior in two days! hahaha! Classes are here... once again... back to the regular routine: wake up-go to school-go home-eat-do assignments-sleep and the cycle goes on and on... but hey! 'do assignments' and 'sleep' are sometimes done in vice-versa. haha! :p but in my honest opinion, schooling is more than just a routine. it's an experience which is worth-cherishing about.

Anticipation already clouds my atmosphere. I don't know why I become nervous and excited at the same time. hahaha! By the way, my anxiety settled down a little, I already know my section. Hahaha! :)) I belong to IV-Clare under the supervision of Ms. Noemi Adao... :p Oooohhhh! I'm looking forward to this. Hahaha! Some of my classmates are Mhar Paraiso, Aldrin Magsakay (who is my classmate for four consecutive years in highschool---meaning from 1st year to fourth year.. haha!), Anjo Itable, the honor students (Cassie! You belong here! hahahaha! xD), Marie Gonong, Kim Sabala (?), Alyssa Canuto, Kris Peñaredondo, Daniel Bautista, Niño Salamat and a lot more. :p [pardon if there are mistakened spellings here]

This school year, I'll try my best not to be the "president" of the class. hahaha! Oops! I told myself not to make promises. xD never mind. xD

PS: There's already a warning coming from Joshua Pineda about sharing a classroom with Daniel Bautista. Hahaha! xD