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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Now… I am an incoming college freshman.

Blogging has been a big part of my life since I was a high school freshman. Before, I use blogging as my ‘creative outlet’. I use it to express whatever I want to tell to the world though I know that only the chosen ones get to read it. (I am just trying to say that all who read my blogs are the superior ones… LOL. Just kidding! Just trying to label those who read my blog. Haha!) So, one day, I decided to relive the moments I had with one of my precious blogs.

I remember my blogging experience before… Those times where I need to juggle and decide which blog is dedicated with what topic. As far as I can remember, I had accounts in Yahoo! 360, Xanga, Blogger, Multiply and LiveJournal. They are actually still ‘alive’. I just forgot the links to those! Haha!

When I read my posts when I was still younger (sophomore year in high school to be more specific), I was reminded of how innocent I was. And I compiled all my thoughts in one post which I posted on my Xanga account. That particular post is like my ‘farewell post’ to my old cyber home… Though I have done so, a long time ago. Haha!

Sooo.... The contents of this blog is a sample of how I used to write when I was in second year high school. I re-visited and relived all my memories when I was younger. Haha! Good thing I still remember this one. I remember having a lot of blog accounts and I got all tangled up! I do not know which one to use before. I attribute that to my indecisiveness. Oh well. And now. I have decided to settle on blogger.

The posts below are reflection of how I write back then. Seems immature but all of those are straight from the heart. During those times, I am very innocent and blithe on how my blog would look like. I did not care whether people will read my blog. My primary concern was to express how I feel on the most comfortable manner I can.

That is a characteristic I left here since I moved onto a my "new cyber home". My posts seem less personal than I did here before. Perhaps it is because that I prefer my blog to be professional looking. I do not know why I feel pressured to present my preferred impression. Another reason that I identify with the charateristic lacking on my blog is that I am afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve. I am aware that there's a possiblity that people who will read my blog are the people whom I am referring to in my "emo posts" . I am afraid of confrontations especially when their root is my blog posts.

Because of reliving my 'younger years', I have come to realize the purpose of my blogging... It is to express how I feel in the most personal manner I know.

Probably this will be my last time to post here. But this one will still remain as my young heart is stucked here.

One thing that I was surprised to know about myself while I was browsing my old blog is that I was so emo when I was a sophie! Laughing But it’s also undeniable that I saw myself as a ‘makata’ when I was a sophomore. I was not aware that I had a knack for deep Tagalog words when I was that young! Well, not aware until now. No wonder why Aldrin keeps on calling me makata before. Haha! I swear that I was not really aware that I had that talent back then. I just discovered it now when it’s already too late. I don’t think that I have the capacity to use those kinds of words ever again. When I was reading stuff I wrote before I was like, “Wow! I did that?!” I really can’t believe.

As I look back, I think that I have improved writing and blogging a bit. Before, I rarely make a post which only contains one language and does not have text lingo and spelling on it but now, it seems that I can manage to separate texting and writing on blogs. Other than that said improvement, I can’t site other examples. I really dunno. I just think that I had drastically changed since then.

I have no clue on how will I write in the future but I sure am anticipating for it! I did not know that tracing back memories through blog posts can this be fun. Haha! xD