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Monday, 21 June 2010

A Value I Hope to Have :|

I never pictured myself being in my course that I am now pursuing in college. Most of my high school life, I have already programmed my mind that I would be a psychologist in the near future. But due to somewhat unexpected circumstances, I am now taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutions Management (BS-HRIM).

I have a feeling (know) that HRIM will open me to a lot of opportunities in the “real world” but I must admit that from the moment that I was informed about the UPCAT results until now (Whew! That’s quite a long time), I still do not feel and think that HRIM does not fit me to a T. Although I was already beginning to love my course (because of HRIM 100), there’s still a part of me that wants to study and do stuff that Psychology majors take up (Oo na, bitter na kung bitter! xP xD).

Why do I actually feel that HRIM does not fit me? One of the reasons is that I don’t know how to cook! Ang babaw, ‘no? Though there are a number of people who say that knowledge cooking is not required, it is undeniable that having a prior knowledge in cooking is very helpful. And another reason that I think HRIM isn’t for me is that I lack management-mindedness. :(

If track records would be the basis for someone to tell that another person could be a leader or not, I won’t qualify, definitely. During high school, I was always asked to be the leader of the group, to be the captain of the ship. And I think I failed miserably at that. The outcome of the projects and presentations in which I led at was not as successful as I foresaw that it would be. There was even an instance that I already had a time table in mind so that our presentation practices would run smoothly but I kept on adjusting the time table because I concentrated on pleasing all my classmates that our presentation and practices suffered. That also shows that I am an epic failure when it comes to time management.

There were also instances that my classmates relied on me for a “successful” Christmas party but that Christmas party turned out to be one of the most boring ones that I’ve been to. My classmates were obviously so bored that they transferred to other classes.

I am also VERY indecisive. Choosing the food that I would eat at a particular meal and selecting the clothes that I will wear can be a difficult chore for me. Unfortunately (for me), an effective decision making is a must if someone wants to be a manager.

Some of you, guys, might be thinking “Monica is such a fool! If she’s aware of her weaknesses, why did she choose HRIM?”

I chose HRIM among the other numerous programs offered in the University because I had a “micro-dream” when I was younger, maybe when I was about 13 years old. I wanted to have my own resto-bar. But that dream lasted only for a few months and now it is all coming back to me again. And I think that’s a good thing. At least I have a goal that drives me to work an extra mile.

Still I am not sure that it is enough motivation for me to fully love my chosen field because my weaknesses still weigh more (in my mind, at least).

Even though I haven’t acquired yet the highest peak of passion that I think I should have, I am still on the brighter side that I have an utmost capability to be a “future manager” at my own pace --- until I achieve “management-mindedness.”

As of now, I am still under construction to be one of the people who can make a valuable contribution in our society through my chosen path.

Tuloy-tuloy na ito. Wala nang urungan.