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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

One Night Only

Of all the showing in SM Mall of Asia, we watched "One Night Only".... hahaha!

This is an MMFF entry that we watched yesterday with some of my former classmates (Go Thomas 07-08! xD). My first reaction as the film concluded is: "Yun na yun? Bitin!" Yes, it was certainly bitin. The movie itself was fast-pacing. The title says it all. One night only. All events happened in one night only. The movie constantly changes frames, from different character to another, but not in an aspect that it makes the story confusing for the one who watches it. The story actually is easy to grasp since it's presented lightly. It presents realism. However, if you're looking for some morals, I think this is not the right movie. But if you are looking for a movie that displays consequences of 'bad habits', then I think this is the right one. :)

Read the synopsis of the movie here.

PS: The theme song of this movie develops Last Song Syndrome. :))