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Saturday, 25 April 2009

'You' made me sad then 'you' made me happy. :)

Today, I am chilling out and browsing the net... which I do everyday. Haha! I'm quite devastated that Anoop Desai was eliminated. But I know he'll have a great career ahead of him. I truly believe that he could be the "Latter Day Brian McKnight". His smooth vocals and well-grounded personality will carry him through success. I'm looking forward to his exit interviews. I think he will appear on Ellen on Monday (if you're in the US) or on Tuesday (if you reside in the Philippines). I'll twitter updates if I see appearances of Anoop Desai in any program that shows in the Philippines. I know there are a lot of Troopers and Desai'ples here.

Still, I am quite sad. Some of you may find it weird that I am feeling this way. And y'all saying that are logical. Why will you feel sad? You don't even know him personally. I find it very bizarre too. I didn't know that it will hurt much. More than I felt last year because David Archuleta sailed through the finals. Then now, I think Anoop has been maltreated and I have a soft spot in my heart for the 'underdogs'. I just wish him all the luck. :)

Because of this disappointment and frustration I feel, I really need to shift to happy thoughts. Then I thought of (David Cook and) David Archuleta's concert! Yipeee! It is approaching really, really soon. These are the details for the concert:

Date: May 16, 2009 (Saturday)

Venue: SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds

Ticket Prices: Php 315.00, 625.00, 2,075.00 and 3,625.00. (I know there are ticket prices higher than this but the official ticket selling site does not post them.)

For more details, visit Ticketworld's website. Seat plan included on their site.

I'm utterly excited for this! I'll tweet updates. Never knew twitter could be this addicting. LOL. Follow me on twitter if you like. :p I'll post updates regarding my two American Idols, Anoop Desai and David Archuleta. :) Hope to see you there! :D

Here's a glimpse of David Archuleta in his tour in United Kingdom with McFly:

Pretty much explains my anticipation, huh? I personally love "Zero Gravity". Too bad it did not make on his album. But I hope Archie will perform this on his concert. :)