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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Yey! :D

Yey! I passed La Salle. :D Hahaha! xD

Here's an evidence:

See you there! :D

Not. I really don't like to study there. I don't know. Maybe of the 'culture shock' that I experienced there when I took the test. My co-examinees were like sosyaleros and sosyaleras. And I don't like that kind of vibe. I like the feel of UST and UP. Hopefully, I will pass in one of those universities. If all else fail, perhaps I'll take the test in PNU on March. Haha! I'm pretty mapping out my life now. Hahaha! xD

Anyway, I passed on my second choice which is Bachelor of Science in Educational Psychology. I was quite disappointed that I didn't pass my first choice which is BS-Psychology. But that's ok. At least I passed. :D I really had a difficult time when I took the test there. Those figures... argh! They make my life miserable than ever. Anyhow, I'm still hoping to pass on either UP or UST. But currently I prefer UP. Hey, UST's results will be realeased next week! I'm so excited. Hahaha!