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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

UP Freshmen Pre-enlistment

The pre-enlistment has finally begun. I found this one quite nerve-wracking. In BS-HRIM, there are two blocks to choose from, I-5 and I-6. I don't know which is better than the other. I obviously don't know the professors but thanks to www.pinoyexchange.com, I've had a glimpse of the kind of professors that I will be possibly having. And thanks to pinoyexchange.com, I did not choose I-6 because there was one professor in that block that I might have a hard time dealing with. According to Pex, she has high standards to the 'newbies' in creative writing... and I do not want to take out the joy I have in writing in just having her. So it leaves me to having I-5. I am not so sure about this but this is the only choice I can select. In my selected block, one thing is sure. I will have busy Wednesdays and Fridays.

Take a look at my chosen block (I-5):

Take a look at the other block (I-6):

I hope that my chosen schedule is fine.

So if any student from Peyups has happened to stumble in this lowly blog of mine, please do give me a feedback regarding this (about the professors, schedule itself, etc...). I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you! :D

By the way, I found a blockmate in Pex. Haha! His screen name is greenie26. Oh well. Totally random.