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Thursday, 31 July 2008


Imagine: You are isolated in an island. All of a sudden, jubilant noises fill the air. Then, you recognized that those are your friends in the not-so-far island! Of course, you feel delighted because the people you care for are just a fathom away from you. And here you are, extremely stirred because in that hopelessly lonesome situation that you are in, you are able to find light… in form of your comrades. You head towards their place ecstatically; they notice you and you have a little chit-chat with them and afterwards, they go and leave you behind. Then, you just waited diffidently in a corner for a pal of yours to approach you but it was a futile attempt. Instead, you just decided to leave incognito; though it is such a gruelling thing for you to do.

It is not unknown that there are a lot of times that we feel that we are isolated in the islands of our own; we even feel separated to the islands of the majority even though our islands are just a fathom away. Certainly, one would feel frustrated if that is the case especially if you consider those people from the other island your friends. They don’t even have the initiative to come near you and inquire you if everything’s all right!

Actually, if you feel confined to yourself most of the time and it’s killing you, you are not really alone. You are just like most of the students who are also feeling confined to themselves. So you’re not really all alone, huh?

Personally, I believe that being alone and left out at times isn’t purely bane and lethal after all. Sure, it is normal that you feel uncared for the first few times but if you venture out to other emotions aside from frustration, sadness, disappointment, anger and alike, you would be able to explore yourself --- your true, genuine self… yourself that is not pressured by your peers, yourself that is not controlled by anyone aside from you.

In fact, silence and desolation will enable you to ponder and reflect on the things that you have done; thus, it will allow you to realize what things you need to change for the better. That is what I personally call the “art of introspection”.
This so called “art of introspection”, if observed once in a while, is very significant and advantageous because it gives you the opportunity to examine your own thoughts and explore yourself; indeed, it cannot be done if you are surrounded by people in your island --- even your comrades.

Being silent and desolated also has the tendency to spark your creativity. How? As I have mentioned a while ago, if you introspect, you get to know yourself in a deeper sense. In that self-exploration, it is unavoidable to ‘gather’ feelings of hatred and depression and if this is the case, you tend to divert yourself to an activity that could help alleviate those feelings. One good outlet to help diminish those feelings is expressing yourself through arts and sports. Eventually, those emotions would slowly be gone and you don’t even realize it.

Therefore, if you suddenly feel that you are left out, do not put a negative connotation on it right away. Explore yourself first and you’ll see. But if you find yourself really depressed and extremely hurt, seek the help of your teachers and parents, also if possible, see a psychologist or a guidance counselor. They can appease you in the most appropriate way possible. If all else fail, seek the Lord. He will never falter nor disappoint you. He is omnipresent --- He is just beside you 24/7.