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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Shout out: Swimming Lessons?!

Come August, another year of swimming lessons for the seniors will commence. It is scheduled to start after the First Quarterly Exams. There will be an assigned schedule for each section and it will transpire every Saturday, from August 23-November 15. According to the circular given, its aim to be par excellent with other schools.

For that matter, we perfectly understand that the school’s aim is to give opportunity to the seniors to be par with those students from other schools. Perhaps, the administration and the other people involved also may have designed these swimming lessons to be part of the Physical Education curriculum to be of help to seniors as soon as they enter college.

Though we think this course offered would be very helpful, this might also be a cause of conflicts to the other demands bestowed unto seniors. First, surely, as graduating students, seniors are expected to pass through a tedious path just to claim the most-priced possession which signifies their completion of the high school level, the diploma. Therefore, succinct time must be given to them to accomplish their duties and we do personally think that swimming lessons might possibly interfere with schedules planned earlier. Also, economically speaking, it costs a little too much. Besides, it will be better if the school has its own facilities for conducting swimming lessons, however, in this case, there is none. Furthermore, it is known that part of the requirements of seniors is a completion of sixty hours of parish involvement (which is divided into 20 hours from first to third quarter), this also gets a part of the weekends on the part of seniors; then the people involved are planning to get another part for the swimming lessons? What time will be left to the seniors to unwind a little, to finish the tasks assigned to them, to bond with their own families and to do other recreational stuff that could ennhance their creativity, mental and spiritual growth?

Would you let swimming lessons interfere with your scholastic standing?